Bridge Between US and MENA

Bridges connect. Bridges connect the two banks of a river and, metaphorically, two minds, two communities of people, creating connecting bonds.

MENA Alliances, based in the UK and MENA region and ServiceAlliances, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA are joining forces to connect and offer their joint services to organizations in need of training, business process optimization (thru several services), localization services (in English and Arabic) and IT solutions.

The remote services resourcing that is offered through this union is a step above outsourcing and freelancing. In fact, it is a new breed of service. Top designers, translators, and IT professionals are inspired and recruited from a large pool of applicants throughout the MENA region. The ‘best of the best’ are chosen to join the team. Oversight and quality control oversight is an ongoing process so that the finished product/service is beyond customer expectations.

This is an opportunity to support positive endeavors between business professionals that are ascending above the political differences and cultural divides. We have come together in alliance….to change the world, one business project at a time.

Call or email us now so we can tell you how we can help your business….large, medium or small. We promise satisfaction!

Are you looking to expand into MENA markets? The time is NOW!

MENA is a fast growing market of millennial, high-tech and discriminating buyers. To achieve marketing goals of selling products, delivering services or providing information in this emerging market, organizations should ensure that their content is relevant, understandable and desirable to the buyer. In order to have the most effective marketing, technical communication or even company-wide communications the materials must be localized. Localization opens roads to developing new markets through increasing revenues, and bringing the much sought after economies of scale.

Localization is more than the translation of words or text. Localization services ensure that products or services have the look and feel as if they originated in the target market. International companies and enterprises localize products or services in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products or services….and to reach a much larger target audience.

MENA Alliances specializes in the localization into the MENA Region (from English to Arabic) through the following services

 1. Software & App Localization
 2. Multimedia Localization including

  • Voice-overs
  • Script creation or transcription of the original master
  • Script translation
  • Subtitle translation and production
  • Video production
  • Audio and video postproduction
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization
  • Cultural assessment of multimedia content
  • Multimedia quality assurance

3. Website Localization
4. Social Media Content Creation & Management
5. Marketing Documentation Localization–User guides, manuals and tutorials
6. E-Learning Localization
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Transform Your Business and Drive Strategic Value

A New Model to Transform  Your Business and Drive Strategic Value – An Alternative to Outsourcing & Freelancing

Recruiting and Hiring best talent and managing people, along with the dynamic forces of technology and globalization are bringing increasing challenges to small and medium size businesses (SME). What if there was a Change Management model that could drive major, enterprise-level transformation? Read on—there is such a tool.

Forget what you know about Outsourcing & freelancing. The market has been saturated with online workers and freelancers. These workers have provided businesses with more choices and diversity. And outsourcing has proven cost effective in many situations by taking away high expense of overhead costs involved with hiring employees, providing benefits, needing space and other resources for those employees. Outsourcing has alleviated many of the costs and hassles involved with hiring and managing employees. Virtual assistance on a variety of projects from website & mobile development, graphic design to business processes is available from these independent workers.

The challenge with outsourcing is finding the best talent, oversight (management of projects and people), concern for security of information, and quality assurance. SME leadership still has to take the time to manage and do quality assurance on these projects.

MENA Alliances offers a new alternative—an alternative that drives strategic value and includes oversight (management of projects and people), security of information and quality assurance. MENA Alliances is a new breed of organization that offers Remote Services Resourcing.

MENA Alliances’ carefully design oversight process works like this: (see above).


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Our Participation in One Young World in Bangkok

MENA Alliances Founder & CEO, Abeer Abu Ghaith, was a Delegate Speaker  for One Young World in Bangkok this past November.


“Palestinian women face a lot of challenges,” said Abeer Abu Ghaith, “We have plenty of qualified women in my area who have no access to jobs.”

Abeer has been working in her local Palestine and MENA region to set up several business aimed at connecting young women, not only to the job market, but also to each other. Her first venture began in 2013 when she created StayLinked, which serves as a platform for Palestinian freelancers and businesses in need of services -such as translation, data entry, graphic design, online marketing and website development- and female talent in need of work.

While her work has transformed the lives of many women, Abeer pushed boundaries to get to this point. Growing up, Abeer was told that ‘her job is in her husband’s kitchen’ but refused to accept that a woman couldn’t enter the workforce.

Despite graduating with an honors degree in computer systems engineering, Abeer describes a period of two years in IDG Connect article where she was completely unemployed with no job prospects. “During my unemployment period, I kept taking online courses in my technical area to improve my skills. This helped me to get my first job as an instructor in computer networking at a university.”

See Abeer’s speech about creating jobs in MENA here: