About MENA Alliances

MENA Alliances is a woman-owned business dedicated to connecting global companies with highly skilled, vetted talent from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Spending your childhood and youth in a refugee camp and conflict zone could lead you to believe that there is no opportunity available to you in the world. No opportunity means no hope. We wanted to change that for ambitious, talented people who have the skills but are under-employed. Scale your business by building remote teams from MENA’s ambitious top professionals.

Helping to Alleviate Poverty and Injustice

At MENA Alliances, we help people reach their full potential, find their passion, and achieve success by connecting them with opportunities and resources. Our mission focuses on connecting women and young people from the region with work … which gives people hope.

Talent is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.

At MENA Alliances, we’re working toward a world in which everyone with the drive, dedication, and skill has the opportunity to thrive. When everyone has the chance to reach their full potential, business is a better place, making a more profound impact.

About Our Founder

MENA Alliances’ story begins with our award-winning founder, Abeer Abu Ghaith. Abeer had an early vision and ability to find doors in places where others only saw walls. Born in a refugee camp where she lived until she was 12, Abeer and her family ultimately moved to Hebron, a city in Palestine’s West Bank. Abeer graduated from a local university with honors, but afterward, she found herself without many options to apply her talents. When she sought teaching roles at the university, many male students refused to be educated by a female instructor. When she looked for other work, she came up against a lack of economic opportunity in the occupied West Bank.
So Abeer found another way. She taught herself how to build her own business and support herself through remote work. As Abeer’s success grew, she expanded her approach to help others in the same situation. In 2013, Abeer founded her first company, StayLinked, which connected talented Palestinian freelancers with businesses around the world.
Through StayLinked, Abeer used Skype to teach tech skills to talented young people in Gaza. At a time when Gaza’s unemployment rate hovered near 43%, Abeer’s company provided jobs for more than 370 men and women, mostly from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. And that was just the beginning.

“As a woman, I can help and change the world in my own way, even if society wants to confine us in the kitchen and the house,” says Abeer Abu Ghaith. “I have changed the world from the house.” She believes that when you connect people–especially young people and women–with jobs, training, and opportunities, you are opening the door to freedom for them.

In 2015, Abeer founded MENA Alliances to expand her work to include talent outside Palestine in the greater MENA region. Abeer holds a Master’s degree from the University of London and has worked with some of the leading companies and institutions around the world.

Companies spanning Silicon Valley, Western Europe, and the Gulf have a voracious need for the technical skills that drive their innovation. MENA Alliances has connected diligent, enthusiastic, qualified talent from across the MENA region to these companies.

MENA Alliances’ Evolving Journey


Abeer launches her first company, StayLinked, from her village in Hebron with nothing but her laptop and internet connection. Abeer’s passion and dreams come into sharper focus, and StayLinked begins to lay groundwork for what MENA Alliances will someday become.


Stay Linked creates 370 jobs for young people in Palestine through freelancing and microwork models.


Abeer launches MENA Alliances to expand her work to include talent outside Palestine and in the greater MENA region.


MENA Alliances introduces a new service line offering AI Data Labeling & Annotation.


Research & Development in the UK, “Business Success Models Linking Developed and Developing Countries


Two new MENA Alliances service delivery centers open in Gaza and Hebron.


MENA Alliances introduces its ready-to-go “Dev Pods” Developer Teams service. MENA Coding School opens to provide training to young talents.


MENA Alliances shifts to flexible models of service, including staff augmentation, project-based models, and placement models, enabling direct cooperation between customers and their developers.


Continually improving our processes to enhance sustainability and scalability. Our dreams keep evolving to meet and create new opportunities.

Our Team

Abeer Abu Ghaith

Founder & CEO
MSc in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Passionate about helping people reach their full potential, find their passion to achieve success by connecting them with opportunities

Nour Abu Ghaith

Sourcer Officer
Press and Media

Nour is a hard working person, can't settle down before finding the best talent for any hard position.

Zena Daoud

Social Media & Community Officer

Zena serves as our Social Media & Community Officer, adept at crafting engaging content and fostering meaningful connections online. With her creativity and strategic approach, she strengthens our brand's digital presence while nurturing a positive community environment.

Hanan Abu Jalala

Support and Recruitment

Our Support and Recruitment specialist, Hanan, ensures seamless team integration and provides essential support. With her keen eye for talent and dedication to staff well-being, she plays a vital role in our team's success

Our Advisory Board

Denise M. Menelly, US

Executive Vice President and Head of Technology and Operations at CIT Group

Denise M. Menelly is a global banking executive with more than 35 years of experience. A close mentor of Abeer’s for over a decade, Denise offers guidance to MENA Alliances on digitization, process simplification, and strategic direction.

Brenda Ropoulos, US

Integrated Marketing Communications Consultant

Brenda is a communications professional with over 25 years of experience in the field, including directing global communications programs for worldwide industry-leading manufacturers, spearheading marketing strategies for start-ups and designing special events for Global 500 companies. Brenda is guiding MENA Alliances in crafting a solid communication infrastructure and strategy.

Osama Al-Zoubi, Saudi Arabia

CTO of Cisco Middle East and Africa

Osama is a tech and business executive and chief technology architect with experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Osama is passionate about supporting start-ups and young talent in the MENA region. He advises MENA Alliances in solidifying their tech roadmap and digitizing their process.

Anni Rowland, Australia

Director of Intersticia + Director of Founders and Coders

Anni is an advocate for digital literacy with an unrelentingly creative vision. Anni pushes MENA Alliances to ask tough questions for growth, helps us envision the future of our work, and guides us in carving a path for our next generation of talented professionals

Gábor Tóth, Hungary

World Bank Advisor + Founder & CEO of Atento Pro

Gábor Tóth is an executive mentor and advisor and a consulting technical expert for the World Bank on private sector development projects in the Middle East. Gábor has unique experience in operating impact outsourcing businesses and ensuring their financial sustainability. He advises MENA Alliances in enhancing operations, securing the longevity of our mission, and creative problem solving.

Annegien Blokpoel, Netherlands

Managing Partner of Strategy at PerspeXo + Business Angel

Annegian is a catalyst investor, venture builder, and a strategy and management advisor. She takes a hands-on approach to mentoring and has worked with many start-ups on strategy building. She taps into her insight as a venture building to advise MENA Alliances on building systems to take our work to the next level.

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