Client Story: B100Ragl

January 30, 2017

Asmaa Guedira, Program Manager at Womanity Foundation, comments

asmaa” MENA Alliances has provided quality work to help design and develop our website, and they are very reactive when needed. We are happy and proud to work with a company created by Palestinian women. “




The Client

Womanity is a private philanthropic Foundation established in 2005 in Switzerland. It is also registered in the United Kingdom and the USA. Womanity works around the world to empower girls and women to shape their future and accelerate progress in their communities.


Womanity and  its programme partners produced an exclusive Arabic radio fiction, Worth 100 Men (Be 100 Ragl in Arabic). The series follows the story of Noha, an intrepid young radio journalist, who confronts gender discrimination in the workforce, in family, and the social sphere. Noha challenges prejudice and oppression, and becomes a role model for the whole community. The series covers divorce, domestic violence, sexual harassment, women’s access to education and professional careers, the status of single women in traditional society, and healthy romantic relationships.

In addition to online conversations, the Womanity Foundation is partnering with a range of grassroots organizations to host a “B 100 Ragl Tour”. The tour will center on a series of events across the Middle East and North Africa. Through a mix of online and community-based debate, Womanity is looking to challenge audiences to develop creative solutions to the issues that plague their societies.



The Challenge

  1. Rapid growth due to popularity of the captivating fiction series across different countries resulted in the need for translation to help reach wider audiences
  2. The topics that Noha and her friends deal with on the series struck a chord with viewers, so there was an increased need for more information about relevant topics
  3. Creating an online Tour calendar of the “B100 Ragel” program to keep the audience updated about upcoming events
  4. Highlighting success stories for women of the MENA region


The Solution


  1. MENA Alliances  developed and designed a new responsive dual-language (Arabic and English) website for Womanity to showcase the Be 100 Ragl” series
  2. MENA Alliances  provided translation and localization services to Womanity for expanding the audience
  3. MENA Alliances developed subtitling for the “Be 100 Ragl” video episodes series, so that a larger audience would have the opportunity to view the program
  4. MENA Alliances created calendar for B100 Ragel Tour to keep audience updated about upcoming events.


  1. “B100 Ragel” Program at Womanity foundation has an online platform to promote “B100 Ragel” episodes and to increase awareness about the challenges that face Arab women
  2. Inspiration for other women by sharing women’s success stories online
  3. Increase conversation rate on social media networks through add social media plugins within the “B100 Ragel” website
  4. Through MENA Alliances localization and translation services, “B100 Ragel” program reached a larger audience around the world  



Next Steps

Womanity Foundation assigned MENA Alliances as the sole provider of maintenance services for the B100 Ragelwebsite.

Enjoy watching “B100 Ragl” episodes by visiting B100 Ragl website: