C++ Developer

Our client is a French start-up that provides innovative IoT & cybersecurity solutions. Our
client is looking for developers/tech leaders willing to work on a french cybersecurity project
(weekly meeting with our client). The French startup is looking for a C++ developer to join
its team. The project team will be composed of 4 software engineers based in Ramallah
and a project manager in France (that might be a female).

● Design, build, and maintain efficient and reliable C++ code
● Work closely with other engineers to develop new products
● Work on extensions of existing products
● Suggest and implement improvements on current products
● Plan, design, develop, manage, document, test, deploy, and support new and existing
● Hands on of algorithm complexities
● Development of the next generation software
● Basic Database systems – indexes, filters

Your Role Requirements and skills:
● + 3 years experience with C++ and QT framework.
● + 3 years of proven working experience in developing embedded systems.
● Passionate about coding.
● Problem-solving skills.
● Creativity to imagine innovative, effective new solutions and designs.
● Ability to quickly grasp and adopt new technologies.

● Working with ease using a wide range of programming paradigms, including
functional and object-oriented.
● Familiarity with security forensics and analysis of security threats and events and ability
to perform vulnerability scans, analyze results and assist with remediation.
● Linux packages and distributions, Debian is a plus.
● Experience with lightDM or similar display managers is a plus.
● Experience with firejail is a plus.
● Experience with Go is a plus.
● Experience with MySQL is a plus
● Experience with Docker is a plus.
● Version control systems such as Git.
● Social skills
● Professional attitude, and precise communication skills.
● Proficiency in English (oral and written), and French is a plus.
● Curious and willing to learn
● Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and teamwork.
● Time management and organization.

Compensation and bonuses
10% of annual Salary and other variable bonuses.

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