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June 11, 2022

Helping International Company in Transforming Online  Videos to Multilingual to Reach Global Audience 

Connecting an International Company with a Global Audience through Multilingual Content

The Situation 

As much as the internet is praised as an equitable space, the reality is that language barriers still create hurdles online. Many people rely on the internet for education but for it to be a truly global knowledge sharing resource, as much information as possible must be translated across languages and contexts.

When a German company approached MENA Alliances about translation services for their online content, this was the exact hurdle they were facing. Before working with MENA Alliances, they’d added auto-generated subtitles to their videos in different languages as well as a translated speech-to-text feature. Unfortunately, these types of generated texts are usually inaccurate. Too much nuance is lost in the absence of human supervision so the content – and the knowledge it shares – remains inaccessible to global audiences. Additionally, without a voice feature in other languages, the viewers’ attention is usually directed toward the subtitles, which distracts them from connecting what they read with the visual aspect of videos and makes it harder to retain the knowledge.

Helping the company truly reach a global audience would require a variety of professionals from different regions with sufficient experience in  speech segmentation, transcription, translation, and dubbing to create genuinely multilingual text and audio. The company valued diversity and empowerment, and sought to outsource this project to a trusted organization who shared those priorities – so they contacted MENA Alliances.

MENA Alliances drew upon more than ten years of experience in professional translation and localization, voice-over, data training, and project management to convert approximately 10,000 of the company’s videos from English to Arabic.

The Solution

MENA Alliances’ professional talent pool is skilled in audio-video localization, translation, transcription, and  Natural Language Processing (NLP). Having worked on ambitious translation projects with  companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the global market, we crafted a multi-step plan to align with the German company’s standards and specifications around accuracy, productivity, timing, scalability, and security.

MENA Alliances began with a co-working pilot to offer the German company the freedom to try out our innovative model risk-free before making a long-term commitment. To create a practical and productive environment for the project, MENA Alliances also provided infrastructure and project-specific equipment and tools. The HR specialists conducted a delicate recruitment process based on their assessment of the company’s needs, work style, and goals. We hired experts in related fields and they received intensive training and coaching sessions on the German company’s platform prior to the pilot.

To arrive at the desired final result, the project was divided into three consecutive stages:

(1) Segmentation, transcription & metadata editing,

(2) Translation (English-Arabic)

(3) Voiceover

The project implementation was team-based, and each team consisted of transcribers, translators, and voice over actors.  Each stage of the project was carefully revised by our Quality Assurance team to maximize accuracy and localization. Team members remained in direct communication with each other to make sure they understood each step of the job, to ensure high quality, and to keep up with the plan. To ensure total consistency, team leaders oversaw the operation and smoothed out the process, checking efficiency and  performance every step of the way. The team leaders remained in constant contact with the German company to provide progress updates and make adjustments when needed based on the company’s feedback.


Success Factors 

MENA Alliances’ precision in translation expertise and vision of diversity and empowerment came through in this project’s smashing success.  

  • Talent recruited in the project went through rigorous, multi-level selection procedures to ensure that their skills and personalities matched the German company’s requirements. After they were selected, they went through comprehensive training, taking each task in detail before zooming out to the bigger picture. 
  • The teams consisted of professionals in the areas of speech segmentation transcription, English-to-Arabic translation, and voiceover. Team members were based in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and Egypt. They worked in direct contact, bridging the gap of physical distance between them.
  • MENA Alliances’ team members viewed themselves as an extension of the German company. MENA’s unique, flexible delivery model includes built-in monitoring and focus techniques that tie directly to the accountability of every individual on a client’s project, including performance checks and retraining when needed


MENA Alliances expertly oversaw English to Arabic audio translation for both subtitling and voiceover purposes.

  • MENA translation professionals took into consideration the speed of each video, the space limits on the screen for subtitles, and the time needed for voiceover actors to speak the translations in order to translate the content with the minimum amount of words possible. Because of their breadth of knowledge of both languages and of the local market’s cultural nuances, they were able to make the translations as short or long as they saw fit without compromising the content’s clarity.


  • Our quality assurance team monitored the translation, transcription, and voiceover mechanisms, a crucial role in ensuring accuracy at every step.


MENA Alliances’ robust infrastructure, with 3 hubs in different parts of MENA region, added more agility to the project:  

  • Voiceover actors were provided with 3 equipped recording studios
  • Team members were provided with offices and working environments in controlled facilities.  

Customized tools were coined and developed for this project, including the “Terminology List Tool” (TLT) to assure consistency in translation and to arrive at the highest possible quality. It included using consistent translations for recurring terms in the source language along with other metadata. Other special tools were generated and utilized for the purpose of progress tracking, quality assurance, error analysis, and creating feedback reports to the client.

Our flexible coworking pilot offering an ability to scale small and large projects made MENA Alliances uniquely equipped to accommodate the company’s specific needs.


About MENA Alliances 

MENA Alliances aims to provide high quality managed remote resourcing solutions. It recruits, trains and manages exceptional talent based in the Middle East and North Africa.

MENA Alliances offers over 10 years of outsourcing and remote work experience, including expertise in translation and localization, IT, and training data for AI/ML models.

MENA Alliances is on a mission to create one million jobs for women and young people in the MENA region by 2025 through training and recruiting.

MENA Alliances at a Glance 

-Access to more than 2000 highly skilled, vetted professionals in the MENA region.

-10+ years of experience providing high-quality translation and localization, IT, human-annotated data to support machine learning for speech, search ecommerce, and more.


Outcomes & Benefits 

Along with promoting innovation and diversity to share knowledge across the great expanse of the internet, MENA Alliances brought the German company’s vision to reality based on their terms and quality standards: 

Working with MENA Alliances allowed the company to focus on the core development work needed to develop a multilingual video platform based on AI.  

The collaboration offered the advantage of rapid introductions to new audiences in new languages and locations.


The company was able to make an impact with the project by hiring women and young people in underrepresented parts of the world.

MENA Alliances provided the company with access to specialized quality assurance, tracking, and management tools to ensure each step was carried out diligently and precisely.

MENA Alliances enriched the AI algorithm of the client’s platform with high quality data.


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