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June 11, 2022


We Help Businesses Translate Their Content to Grow Global




MENA Alliances is a fast-growing company with a social mission: to help women and young professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region access the self-determination that comes with in-demand skills and career opportunities. We believe in a world where location is no longer a barrier for diligent, talented people to reach the success they envision for their future. 


So far, we have trained more than 3000 women and young people in the MENA region and created 700+ job opportunities by connecting them with remote jobs in Europe, the US, and the Gulf region.


Why MENA Alliances? 


We do more than mere translation. We introduce your content to new audiences and clients in a way that only true regional experts can. With more than a decade of experience in offering translation and localization services to a variety of international brands and niche businesses, we have come to believe that translation is not just about a word-to-word exchange. Rather, it is a subtle art of communicating a message as if it actually originated in its new adopted language. We help businesses expand to new markets through translation and localization, which involves recognizing the cultural nuances of the new market and noting each detail down to the dialect. We offer  a variety of translation services delivered with high quality:

  • Document translation (English <> Arabic)
  • Content transcreation and localization
  • Video and audio translation
  • Subtitling, captioning, and transcription 

We provide you with professional, fast, accurate, and coherent translation and localization in a wide variety of industries, including technology, law, business, invoicing and finance, e-commerce, and more. No matter what your content is about, we will find the right language solution and experts to deliver your work to new markets with ease.


Tell us about your target market and audience. From there, we will:


  • Define exactly what kind of localization implementations your business needs
  • Customize your unique language solutions that will appeal specifically to your target audience
  • Handpick your team professional translators, voiceover performers, and localization experts
  • Lead you on your journey to reach new markets across the globe


Trusted by: 





  • Assessment 
  • Matching
  • Translation
Tell us what you want to achieve, and our quality assurance officers and senior language specialists will assess your content to determine your company’s unique needs. 


Your project is matched with translators who are familiar with your industry and its terminology to describe your work to global audiences down to the last detail.Our expert translators will not only translate the language of your work, but will ensure the new text reflects nuances within the industry and local culture. Whether it’s text, audio, or visual content, we’re ready to help.
  • Editing & Review
  • Packaging
  • Delivery 
Our quality assurance team will proofread and edit the work to ensure excellence every step o the way.After translation, we’ll tap into our fluency of local cultural norms and trends, crafting your message to look and feel as if it originated in the target region.Using your original branding, we’ll introduce your content to new clients and audiences in the Arabic-speaking market and connect it with consumers on a local level..


Success Factors: 


Our strengths live within our thorough and diligent approach.


  • MENA Alliances team members go through multilevel assessments and are handpicked for each project based on industry expertise.
  • We manage tight deadlines and overnight translations seamlessly. 
  • We take great care on the format and layout of the end document. 
  • We create a clear brief at the beginning of the project to ensure our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded from top to bottom. 
  • We rely on customized tools and modern technologies like Trados and MemoQ to ensure language consistency and utmost quality.
  • We offer a flexible co-working pilot before long-term commitment with the ability to scale small and large projects.


  • Transcription, Captioning, and Subtitling:



The world’s top online search company intended to hire a team of language specialists to enhance the search engine’s recognition of different Arabic and Russian accents.


MENA Alliances’ project management team created the process required to help hone the system’s accent recognition and provided all equipment, tools, materials, and supplies needed for video captioning services. A trained team was hired to transcribe, tag, format, and create JSON files for the successful completion of the project. The process involved using Amara to craft time-stamped captions for YouTube videos and to transcribe all speech exactly as spoken, as well as tagging sounds heard on the videos like laughing, noise, applause, and more. MENA Alliances’ final transcriptions also included metadata annotations and additional information about the dialect. In the final phase of the process, the software team meticulously formatted the files from .srt to .jsn so the machine could better understand the input or information added to the system.  



MENA Alliances contributed to a better online search and knowledge sharing experience for Arabic and Russian speakers, with higher quality voice recognition and transcription. The impact of MENA Alliances’ work is felt every day on the web as people browse and search the topics that matter most to them.


  • Translation (Arabic <> English):


ITP Media Group: 


ITP Media Group, a major media company, wanted to localize the Time Out Dubai website and translate articles for Arabian Business Magazine in Dubai.


MENA Alliances took on translation and localization for business, construction, food,  tourism and marketing content for the project. MENA Alliances managed and ensured the quality of more than 30 translators and proofreaders and delivered within the designated time frame. MENA Alliances also offered other support services to the organization, including uploading the newly localized content to their website. 




MENA Alliances helped ITP Media Group seamlessly localize a large number of business articles on a tight deadline. The article content added up to more than 400,000 words, and the project made the content accessible to audiences in the MENA region.


Dubai Civil Aviation Authority:


Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), established by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, had a plan for development of the Dubai air transportation industry – and MENA Alliances got to play a role in making that plan happen. MENA Alliances’ team of translators and language specialists translated and localized DCAA’s website content from English to Arabic. Then, MENA Alliances’ team of pros published the content on the website to DCAA criteria and specifications. 



  • Transcreation (Content Creation & Localization):




Jordanian company Masmoo3 sought to produce and publish digital Arabic audiobooks worldwide. Along the way, the company hit many hurdles surrounding trimming operational expenses and finding a quality team of professionals who could complete the project quickly without compromising accuracy – that is, until MENA Alliances entered the scene.


MENA Alliances provided Masmoo3 with a vetted, tested team of 12 hard working contractors in the West Bank and Gaza. The team got the project underway through content creation, translation, and localization work. Because of the team’s deep understanding of language and nuance, they were able to prepare expert translations that prioritized brand voice over individual phrases. The team accomplished the transcreation processes in a tight time frame while keeping a sharp eye on accuracy. To ensure great results every step of the way, MENA Alliances provided quality control assurance supervised by specialists. MENA Alliances managed the team and project throughout the entire process so that the Masmoo3 team had the freedom to focus on their zone of genius. 




  1. Masmoo3 reduced their operational expenses by outsourcing this project to MENA Alliances.


  1. Masmoo3 was able to free up their in-house team for larger projects while expanding their audiobooks’ reach around the world.


  1. Masmoo3 and  MENA Alliances began a rewarding and productive collaboration, and continue to work together on a variety of projects.


“We no longer need to divide jobs to be carried out by so many people. We just hand over  the work to MENA Alliances and they do it professionally. We like the flexibility and full cooperation, working hard to meet our demands, prioritizing, and delivering work on time.”


Ejtemaat Knowledge Network: 


Ejtemaat Knowledge Network, an international company specializing in high quality B2B conferences, exhibitions, and training programs, needed to localize many of its conference-related materials. This project was an important step on the path to Ejtemaat Knowledge Network’s goal of expanding and offering strategic and technical consulting on cutting edge events across different vertical industries. 


Based on the industries and material, MENA Alliances hired a team of language specialists to translate and localize flyers, brochures, and speeches that were given during Ejtemaat-led events, exhibitions, and conferences. Due to Ejtemaat’s busy event schedule, the timing was critical to their work. The company works with experts and seniors of all levels, including as ministers and ambassadors, so thoughtfulness and accuracy was of utmost importance. The MENA Alliances team followed a tight, fast-paced work process to deliver Ejtemaat’s localized content on time and with the highest quality possible. 



MENA Alliances delivered high quality translated and localized materials. Ejtemaat Knowledge Network was able to use these newly translated materials to work with many high profile regional and international organizations. This includes the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates, the  Ministry of Labour in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Human Resources Development Fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Dubai Economic Development Department (DED), the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization.


  1. Audio and Video Localization:


Womanity Foundation: 


Womanity Foundation, a philanthropic foundation in Switzerland, wanted to target a wider audience for its new website and video series “Be 100 Ragl” to spread awareness about discrimination against women. The series’ content on female empowerment and gender discrimination struck a chord with viewers, sparking a demand for more  information about relevant topics. As the series’ success grew, Womanity Foundation established partnerships with a range of grassroots organizations to host a “B 100 Ragl Tour” that would spread awareness even further, and which required an online calendar to keep audiences informed.




  1. Womanity Foundation hired MENA Alliances’ skilled programmers to develop and design a new responsive dual language (Arabic-English) “Be 100 Ragl” website to showcase the “Be 100 Ragel” series. 


  1. Several social media plugins were added to increase the project’s conversion rate.


  1. MENA Alliances’ language specialists and translators provided translation and localization for the series’ episodes to make them accessible to target audiences in the Middle East and North Africa region. 


  1. The content of “Be 100 Ragl” episodes were transcribed and subtitled to enable other audiences to benefit from the series, get inspired, and learn more about the success stories of incredible women in the MENA region.


  1. MENA Alliances created an online calendar for “B100 Ragel Tour” to keep the audience updated about upcoming events.


  1. Womanity Foundation assigned MENA Alliances as the sole provider of maintenance services for the “B100 Ragel” website.



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