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MENA Alliances is proud to bring the CodeYourFuture Program to Palestine.

CodeYourFuture is a global organization that trains disadvantaged people how to code then helps them to find jobs in the local tech industry.

Intro to Coding | Full Stack Web Development

An intensive & inclusive programming course for graduates, women, and unemployed youth in Palestine who want to become professional software developers in the tech industry.

Led by Women

Led by women

The course leaders are professional, talented women.



We will help you build long-term relationships with many students and volunteers who belong to this program.


Learn & Earn

In addition to learning how to code, you can earn money & gain experience by working doing data automation jobs





Do you want to learn coding but face difficulties getting the skills needed?

MENA Coding School in partnership with CodeYourFuture is offering scholarships to learn coding through technical and soft skills courses designed to prepare you to become a professional web developer.

It also gives you the chance to earn money while learning through working on data automation jobs.

Do you have the desire to make a difference in people’s personal and professional levels?

MENA Coding School gives you a great opportunity to volunteer remotely, connect, and serve the Palestinian community.

Together we can do so much. Let’s walk step by step with beginners to help them become professional web developers, enhance their soft skills to be more confident, and assist them in crafting their own success stories!