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We’ll help you scale your business by matching you with teams of vetted professionals and reduce your cost and time to result by 50% or more.

Along the way, you’ll be creating economic opportunities for talented women, passionate youth, and members of underrepresented communities in the MENA region.

Scale faster with MENA Alliances

  • 1 Define
  • 2 Assess
  • 3 Shortlist
  • 4 Validate
  • 5 On-board
Once we understand your needs, we match you with the best fit from our pool of qualified talent, streamlining the process for you.
We perform a multi-level assessment of professional candidates, assuring quality and expertise.
We select the top five candidates with demonstrated expertise and cultural fit so you have the best options at your fingertips.
We arrange interviews with your top choices, including scheduling logistics, so all you have to do is choose who is best for you.
We make administration and logistics easy for you – handling locally, if you require – including negotiations, benefits, compliance, security, NDA, IP rights, payroll, etc.

Our mission is to help women and young professionals in the MENA region access the self-determination that comes with in-demand skills and career opportunities. Everyone deserves to reach their full potential, find their passion, and achieve success – no matter where in the world they live. We believe in a world where location is no longer a barrier for diligent, talented people to reach for the success they envision for their future.


What Makes Us Different

Speed and Quality

Professionals are available on demand and log-in to the job with ready-to-go skills. No need to train, bog down your internal team’s workload, or spend weeks poring over resumes.


We tailor each engagement to your unique project, needs, and time zone.

Budget Friendly

High quality, pre-trained professionals at an affordable price, and no cost to you until you hire.


We offer multiple secure service offerings to keep your work safe, starting with non-disclosure agreements as the very first step. Your data stays secure with contractor vetting, staff security training, data protection, and data access control.

Impact Hiring Through A Woman-Owned Business

Your hire creates educational and economic opportunities in developing economies - and the self-determination that comes with them - to women and young people in the MENA region.

No Detail Is Too Small

Hiring is our specialty. We’ve refined a perfect formula to dig deep and find you the most effective employees. Our rigorous employee vetting process holds each team to exceptional standards and leaves no detail unexamined.

Productivity Across Time Zones

We can align completely to EU and UK time zones, provide large overlap with US Eastern time, and follow the sun to complement US Pacific time teams.

How We Deliver Our Services

Three risk-free, secure service models to match your
needs. We make scaling simple - on your own terms.

Our unique network of diligent, highly trained professionals are vetted for effectiveness, productivity, and personality fit. There’s no cost unless you choose to hire.

Recruits are measured against 50 key quality points. Security is key, so the very first step of the hiring process is a confidentiality agreement to protect what matters most.

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