Client Story: Lamsat Ummi

January 30, 2017

Dr. Fayeq  Oweis, Founder of Lamsat Ummi, explains his experience with MENA Alliances   


I worked with MENA Alliances team to have a website developed for my initiative, Lamsat Ummi (My Mother’s Touch), and I am very pleased with their professional work, dedication, and excellent services.  I am very happy with  how the website turned out, and the team was very helpful from day one and throughout the whole development process. Thank you very much and I hope we will use your services for future projects.


The Client


lamsat-ummi-vector1-logo“Lamsat Ummi”, a non-profit and cooperative project that empowers women, especially mothers, in marginalized societies and refugee camps while striving to preserve the Palestinian art of embroidery.  This endeavor is the brainchild and passion of Dr. Fayeq Oweis.


He created it in honor of his beloved mother, who inspired his art and love for embroidery. Each “Lamsat Ummi” hand-made product combines Arabic poetry with Kufic Arabic calligraphy designed by Dr. Fayeq Oweis and is embroidered by hand. The name “Lamsat Ummi” means “My Mother’s Touch” and it was inspired by the words of Palestinian poet  Mahmoud Darwish : “I yearn for the bread of my mother, her coffee and her touch.


The Challenge


Lamsat Ummi wanted t0:

  1. Enable the works of these women/mothers to be a source of income to them through selling their products through lamsat Ummi online platform  for customers around the world
  2. Build an effective online platform that would enable the embroidered products to be promoted and sold around the world
  3. Create more jobs for marginalized/refugee women
  4. Outspread the word about the importance of supporting this project and buying these goods


The Solution 


  1. MENA Alliances Group addressed the issues through knowledge and experience with their own10922875_875747335796824_7011778559512452045_n (1)staff of women who are empathetic to the challenges of refugee women/marginalized peoples
  2. MENA Alliances Group advised on best methods of getting the product to market
  3. MENA Alliances Group designed and developed an online platform to market and sell Lamsat Ummi products
  4. Online payment methods were integrated through the Lamsat Ummi Website
  5. Women’s stories were shared over the website to inspire actions by others around the world
  6. Highlighting the activities of the Lamsat Ummi – reinvestment of profits back into the empowerment of women empowerment through: training and scholarships, creating a  blog, Meet the Artisans, and Donate pages within Lamsat Ummi Platform.


Take a tour of Lamsat Ummi Platform Don’t forget to give us your feedback!



Lamsat Ummi Project launched a responsive online platform by testing the responsive design across all devices to ensure a great customer experience.
To increase sales of Lamsat Ummi products, MENA Alliances …..



  1. Developed an online store to sell women’s embroidery products
  2. Connected the platform with social media plugins such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  3. Integrated the online payment methods into the platform to enable customers around the world to buy the women’s products


2To promote the social impact of lamsat Ummi project, MENA Alliances Group  enabled….


  1. Sharing the stories behind the women producers of the unique embroidery products by creating “Meet the Artisans” page