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Localization is more than the translation of words or text. International companies and enterprises localize product or service in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products or services….and to reach a much larger target audience.  We offer localization services that have the look and feel of a product or service that originated in the MENA market.

MENA Alliances’ expert  team of writers, translators, reviewers, proofreaders,  researchers and technicians have the necessary skills and experience to enable the development/production of written content that is specifically customized to meet the client’s needs.

MENA Alliances works with established international organizations to extend their product/services distribution to the MENA market and assists first-time companies to break-through the cultural barriers with our team of exceptional talent that have the necessary capabilities and expertise  to deliver  localization projects tasks required by international standards.

Quality Assurance at MENA Alliances maintains develops and guarantees the quality of work. Our localization team works hand in hand with the Quality Assurance Team to provide maximum efficiency and value for our customers.

MENA Alliances specializes in the localization from English to Arabic through the following services:


  1. Content Creation and Management
  2. Software Localization
  3. Multimedia Localization
  4. Website Localization
  5. App Localization
  6. E-Learning Localization
  7. Social Media Content Creation & Management
  8. Marketing Documentation Localization| User guides, manuals and tutorials

January 21, 2016


Content Creation, Software/Multimedia/website/App/Marketing Documentation/E-earning Localization