Let’s Train AI 

MENA Alliances provides skilled talent who transform unstructured data into high-quality training data. Our workers train, categorize, tune and test different types of data (text, image, audio, and video) for machine learning algorithms.

A. Training of data:

  • Transcription (Arabic, English, and Russia)
  • Data Enrichment 

a) Data Categorization and Verification

b) Data Collection (research, gathering, and sorting data sets )

  • Annotation Services: To support our machine learning projects, our services include:

a) Data detection/ recognition

b) Attribute annotation

c) Image annotation

d) Video annotation

B. Computer Vision: recognizing shapes, patterns, and objects in images to help computer vision algorithms



January 21, 2016


AI, BPO, Data Classification/Verification/Content Digitization/Image Annotation/Image Optimization, Machine learning