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MENA Coding School offers you an eight-month scholarship to attend the full stack course. To be eligible, you have to complete a self-paced online course that requires no prior coding experience.


The first step on your journey towards a tech-focused career.

  • 20-40 hours of coursework
  • Self-paced online course.
  • Practice on mini-projects.
  • Mentorship via online sessions
  • Employability skills

Learn, discover, and earn. Have fun with like-minded people in a friendly community.

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The advanced training to learn everything you need to become a full-stack web developer.

  • 8-months course (Part-time)
  • Weekly sessions
  • Practice on real tech projects
  • Key employability skills

You will build a core understanding of programming and practice interpersonal skills that will get you an interview at a tech company.

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  • Get a Mentor: You will be guided by local and international mentors.
  • Learn on Your Schedule: You will enjoy the flexibility to start learning to code. (part-time)
  • Learn by Doing: You will be writing code and applying your knowledge to real projects.
  • Get Feedback: Your steps will be reviewed regularly to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Network: You will meet a diverse set of students and volunteers.
  • Land Your Dream Job: We will help you work on real projects that help you get a job after your graduation.

What is the duration of the MENA Coding School program?

MENA Coding School will be a full complete year through which you will go through many phases:

  • The Intro to the coding course (two months)
  • Fundamentals course (1 month)
  • The full-stack web development scholarship (eight months – two of them include  practice on tech projects
  • Hiring process (two months)


After all, the intro to coding is self-paced; i.e. it depends on your efforts, time, and commitment.

What will I learn during the program?

Being a student at MENA Coding School means  you will learn:

  • Technical skills in coding that will help you to become a professional web developer.
  • Soft skills such as working remotely, working as part of a team, self-learning, time management, problem-solving, communication. These will help you to be ready to compete in the job market both personally and professionally.

What will I learn during the first phase: the Intro to Coding?

The Intro to Coding course combines learning and earning together. It is a self-study phase through which you will:

  • Learn the basics of coding (HTML, CSS, and JS) using the CodeYourFuture curriculum.
  • Learn employability skills
  • Earn money via working on data projects with MENA Alliances.
  • Meet with professional mentors on weekly sessions who will help you, answer your inquiries, and make sure you are on the right track.

Do you focus on both web and mobile apps in this program?

MENA Coding School only focuses on Web development and how to build web pages. In the coming years, we may conduct training for mobile apps development.

Can I take this course if I’m a Palestinian but not from Gaza or Hebron?

The Palestinians from the southern areas of the West Bank such as Hebron and Bethlehem as well as Gazans can take the Intro to Coding Course.

Does the program require any coding experience?

Not at all! The program will take you from beginner to professional. The Intro to Coding course is designed for people who have never coded before.

What level of English is required for this course?

No need to be fluent in English to take this course. You will need to be at an intermediate level since all tutorials are in English. We will also conduct English sessions for students interested in improving their language skills.

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