"Tech Entrepreneurs Willing to Change the World" Malaga, Spain

January 30, 2017

During September 2016, the CEO of MENA Alliances  participated as a speaker in a session entitled, “Tech Entrepreneurs Willing to Change the World” at EmodeaLIVE 2016 in Malaga, Spain.  EmoderaLIVE 2016 focused on civic technology as an engine for social change and the role of brave, entrepreneurial women, promoters of this change worldwide.


During the conference, Abeer Abu Ghaith talked about MENA Alliances and how it focused on promoting opportunities for women and youth in Palestine and the Middle East  by connecting them with the global market through offering online jobs and training. Abu Ghaith talked about facing challenges such as Israeli occupation, social and cultural challenges. She also explained how she used technology to overcome these challenges and help others through her company business model.


2She described how successful the project has been in Palestine and says “after improving the model in Palestine, I want to help more women and youth in the MENA region to be connected with job opportunities around the world.”

Abu Ghaith added, “Many women in the Arab World live in cultures with: conservative attitudes; restriction on women’s geographic mobility; and limitations in career and job choices. This leads many to take the option of marrying and staying home to raise children. In addition, within the culture of the Arab World, many types of jobs are considered inappropriate for females, such as work in construction, technical and engineering professions. Working online is an option that allows women to not be forced to choose between work and marriage. Working online gives them a chance to experience both.”
Click on the following link to watch MENA Alliances CEO speech

EmpoderaLIVE is an international symposium about social innovation that has received the participation of personalities like Jack Dorsay (co-founder of Twitter) and David Kobia (cofounder of Ushahidi).