Be the Change by Volunteering with us

Make friends, develop new skills along the way 

Make a difference with MENA.

Class Status: Applications are open | Email: [email protected]

We believe in the power of community. With us, you will get the opportunity to get a superb learning experience and contribute to your personal and professional growth.

You are welcome to volunteer with us if you enjoy teaching and have the desire to invest your skills and energy in helping disadvantaged people learn to code, be more confident – and ultimately, find meaningful work in the tech sector.




recruit students and volunteers by inspiring them through workshops and social media platforms.

Personal Development


Help students develop soft skills and career readiness.




Teach coding and arrange classes to provide technical mentoring for students’ progression.

Tech Team


Guide students and graduates as they work on technical projects.





Attend a Welcome Event


Short Training Session


Team Onboarding

Can I volunteer without having any coding experience?

Yes, you can help in the Personal Development or Ambassadors team. To join the Education team, you’ll need coding experience.

Can I join MENA Coding School as a volunteer and a student at the same time?

No! You can choose whether to join as a student or a volunteer. The duration of your role as a volunteer will be six months. After the first cohort, you can apply as a student.

How can I make sure that the weekly workshops for the students will meet my schedule?

You will be given the agenda a week before the session to choose the day that suits you.

How can I follow up with students?

Volunteers are in contact with students on a Slack channel for MENA Coding School.

How much time should I dedicate per week?

MENA Coding School gives you the flexibility you need. There are no restrictions regarding the time, and it depends on the role you will play in the program. However, commitment is a priority because the students really need your help. Some roles require two hours per week while others require seven hours.

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