What to do when you’re feeling stuck

May 16, 2024

Have you ever felt trapped or hopeless? Like life is going nowhere and you’re stuck, unable to change your circumstances? You are not alone. 


Life is full of situations and circumstances we cannot control, which can make us feel powerless and depressed. If you feel this way, it’s ok, there are things you can do that will help you feel better and get you on track to living the life you desire. It might take a little bit of effort, but it will be worth it. 


Write down your goals 


Write a list of everything you want to accomplish in life – big and small. Have fun with it! This list is just for you! Having an idea of what you are aiming for helps you to take meaningful steps in the right direction. Studies show that people who actually write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. 


Set small daily/weekly goals 


When you feel stuck it can be hard to feel motivated to do anything at all. That’s ok. One small step at a time. Set yourself little challenges – it could be as small as: wake up on time every day, or tidy the bed first thing in the morning. And celebrate when you achieve these goals! You will start to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose in your week. 


Keep a journal  


It’s amazing how much we go through without giving ourselves a chance to process our feelings. Spending 10 mins before bed every day writing out your thoughts, feelings and experiences can help you release stored up emotions. It can also help you track your mood, patterns, and spot areas of your life that are going well as well as things you’d like to improve.  


Invest in self-care 


Whether it’s exercising or making time for enjoyable activities – you are worth it. Just because life isn’t going in the direction you hoped it would, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to enjoy it. Never put your happiness on pause – live your life now. 


Start doing “inner-work” 


Very often, feeling stuck is a psychological response caused by fears, insecurities and unhealed pain. And the good thing is, that means things can change – it just requires us to confront our current way of thinking about the world. Usually people will do this with the help of some kind of therapist, but if that is unrealistic for you don’t worry. There are lots of free online resources that can help you on your journey – check out the list below as a starting point. 


Proactively seek out content which inspires you 


It’s hard to dream of a better future when you don’t have strong examples of what a better future could look like, and people who have made it. It’s time to watch inspiring YouTube videos from life coaches, motivational speakers, therapists, successful business owners, and people who started life in difficult circumstances and found a way out. You could also try to find inspiration from the stories of people who are currently in your dream job and learn how they got there. It’s easy to think, “well they got lucky”, or “they don’t have to face the same barriers and challenges as I do”, and that could be true – but there are still important lessons you can learn which will help you on your journey. 


Find people who motivate you


Some people love being negative. These people are always quick to point out why something won’t work, or why it is bad or why life is so unfair. They might even love to gossip and enjoy it when others fail. And these people are holding you back! Reduce the time you spend with energy-draining people. Find people who do the opposite. 


Optimism and positivity are necessary ingredients for success – ask any successful person! If you try, you might fail – once, twice, three times – but eventually you will succeed. But if you never try, you will never change things. That’s why you need people around you who encourage and support you, even when you’re doubting yourself. Being around positive people is very helpful – and if you can’t find them in real life, look online! 


Be open to saying ‘yes’ more 


Feeling stuck can also make us think: what is the point? You can feel low energy, and very tired from the daily routine of life, making you less able to spot opportunities when they come along. Saying yes to new experiences can be life-changing. 


Change your routine 


Shake things up. Move your room around. Try waking up at a different time. Go to a different lunch spot. Go to the gym on a different day. Turn your phone off for a day. Explore different shops. If life feels boring – even little things can disrupt your usual thought-processes and expose you to new people, places and perspectives.

Get creative 


Poetry. Stories. Drawing. Doodling. Singing. Playing an instrument. Designing. Making a moodboard from magazine cuttings. Editing photos. Do something to unleash your creativity. 


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