Answers to the Tough Questions

We’re on a mission to rewrite the narrative for talented Palestinian digital professionals. We know Palestinians are facing an economic crisis. That's why we're helping talented Palestinian professionals find remote job opportunities and projects.

Where will my workers come from?

Our current workforce includes vetted and skilled professionals from the West Bank and Palestinians who have relocated from Gaza to countries such as Egypt and Turkey, where they have the necessary infrastructure to work effectively.

Will talent from Gaza be considered in future stages? When?

Yes, talent from Gaza will be considered in future stages. We aim to incorporate talent from Gaza once the conflict has ended and the necessary infrastructure is in place for them to work safely and efficiently. While our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, we remain committed to providing opportunities for skilled professionals from all Palestinian cities to contribute to our projects and foster economic growth and stability.

Do the candidates pay for your matching services, and if so, how much?

No, our candidates do not incur any charges. We derive our revenue from the clients who engage our services. Moreover, the training opportunities extended to our talents are offered free of charge, aligning with our social mission to empower skilled individuals and facilitate their access to job opportunities.

It's important to note that MENA Alliances operates as a for-profit company with a significant social mission.

Why do professionals in Palestine need jobs?

Even prior to the current conflict, unemployment was a significant issue in Palestine. Recent disruptions have exacerbated this situation, leading to substantial job losses in Palestinian economy (Both Gaza and WestBank), driven by factors such as funding cuts and mobility restrictions imposed by Israel. Despite their high level of talent and qualifications—highlighted by a labor force literacy rate of 98%—many Palestinians lack the opportunities to put their skills to use. Compounded by Israel's ongoing occupation and the prolonged blockade in Gaza, the majority are effectively barred from traveling abroad.

Every year, Palestinian universities produce around 4,000 tech graduates, yet only a mere 10% secure jobs within the underfunded Palestinian tech sector. The majority find employment remotely with international companies, which represent approximately 80% of available tech positions.

Offering job opportunities isn't merely about filling roles; it's about revitalizing hope, stability, and dignity for both professionals and families across Gaza and the West Bank. By investing in Palestinian talent, you're not just supporting individuals; you're empowering entire communities.

Will there be any hiring fees?

Yes, there are fees associated with our services. At MENA Alliances, we're committed to supporting talent across the Middle East & North Africa. These fees enable us to cover our costs and keep operating. We will offer our co-working space services for free to the contractors and freelancers who will be employed at startups, this will allow them to continue their operations, bring their teams together, and get access to a supportive community. offer free training opportunities to our talented community, empowering them to excel in their careers. It's important to note that we don't charge talent for our services, and a portion of our revenue goes towards aid efforts in Gaza.

How can I be confident in the quality of work delivered by Palestinian professionals?

You can be confident in the quality of work delivered by Palestinian professionals because they are skilled, resilient, diverse, strong, adaptable, innovative, and committed to excellence. We thoroughly vet all our professionals to ensure they meet our high standards, and we provide ongoing support and feedback to ensure the quality and timely delivery of work.

Palestinian engineers and ICT professionals boast a proven track record of successful project deliveries on international contracts, collaborating with distinguished global entities like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Apple, and more. Their expertise spans a wide array of IT services, encompassing data management, mobile and digital media, as well as specialized technical and design services.

Why should I consider hiring talent from Palestine?

You should consider hiring talent from Palestine because it presents a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in a challenging situation. While many are wondering how they can contribute positively amidst difficult circumstances, the answer lies in providing employment opportunities. By hiring individuals from Palestine, you're not only offering them meaningful work but also empowering them to support themselves and their families. This isn't just about making a statement; it's about taking practical steps to create positive change. By giving people the chance to work and thrive, you're making a real impact on lives and communities.

Palestinian professionals are highly skilled and motivated individuals who are eager to contribute to your projects. By hiring professionals from Palestine, you not only gain access to their skills, creativity, and determination and add diversity to your existing team, but also support the growth of the Palestinian economy and promote peace and stability in the region.

Palestinian engineers and ICT professionals boast a proven track record of successful project deliveries on international contracts, collaborating with distinguished global entities like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Apple, and more. Their expertise spans a wide array of IT services, encompassing data management, mobile and digital media, as well as specialized technical and design services.

What types of skills and expertise can I expect from Palestinian professionals?

We have qualified professionals in the areas of software engineering, programmers, data science, software architecture, blockchain, DevOps, digital transformation, data labeling for machine learning and AI, translation and localization, design, and digital marketing, among other fields. Rest assured, all professionals are thoroughly vetted and proficient in both English and Arabic.

How can I ensure the safety and completion of my projects when working with talent from conflict zones?

We understand the concerns regarding safety and security when working with talent from conflict zones. To mitigate the risks posed by ongoing conflicts in Palestine, we:

  • Diverse geographic presence: We maintain fully operational offices across multiple locations in the West Bank, alongside presence in other MENA region countries like Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco. This strategic setup is designed to mitigate the impact of conflicts and guarantee uninterrupted business operations.
  • Robust risk management practices: Conduct thorough risk assessments, monitor security situations, and develop contingency plans to address potential disruptions.
  • A strong network of local partners: We have strategic partnerships with universities, local organizations,co-working spaces, consultants, and security firms for support at all times and especially during conflicts.
  • Remote work solutions: Offer remote work options using technology and digital platforms to maintain operations even in challenging environments. [cloud]

    We offer multiple secure service offerings to keep your work safe, starting with non-disclosure agreements as the very first step. Your data stays secure with contractor vetting, staff security training, data protection, and data access control.

How will we deliver services to clients?

Our services are provided through three distinct staffing models tailored to your business needs. These models offer a risk-free and secure approach to match your requirements, making scaling simple and flexible according to your terms. Our unique network comprises diligent, highly trained professionals who undergo thorough vetting for effectiveness, productivity, and personality fit. Plus, there's no cost involved unless you decide to make a hire.

  1. Project-Based Model: Our fully managed team at MENA Alliances handles your project separately from your internal staff. We recruit and manage an agile, expert-level team to bring your project to life quickly. Your custom project team works under our management, allowing you and your internal team to focus on your core tasks.
  2. Staff Augmentation: We find the talent, handle all paperwork, and then hand your new team over to you. As their direct manager, you have complete control over their workflow and tasks. We manage the financial, legal, and administrative aspects of their employment, while you retain direct contact with the employees and lead decisions in structuring their work.
  3. Placement Model: We provide a 360-degree recruitment solution where we handle the entire vetting and hiring process for you. Your team members log in on their first day ready to start. We use exclusive talent sourcing channels to connect you with the best candidates from the MENA region, ensuring a perfect match based on skills and company culture fit.

What’s the payment structure, and does it depend on which of the three models they choose?

Yes, the payment model is contingent upon the specific model selected by the clients. For instance, under the placement model, the employer is directly responsible for compensating the employee. Our involvement concludes once the client has hired the candidate in this particular model. However, in other cases such as project-based and staff augmentation models, MENA Alliances assumes the responsibility of compensating the employees, who will then be under our payroll."