We’re on a mission to rewrite the narrative for talented Palestinian digital professionals. We know Palestinians are facing an economic crisis. That's why we're helping talented Palestinian professionals find remote job opportunities and projects.

Esmee Mourik

COO, Enacos, Netherlands

Sian Morson

Community Manager, Palm NFT Studio, United States

Naama Halperin

COO, Colabo, United States

Angelina Conic

Head of Community Management, ClickWorker, Germany

Corine El-Nachef

Founder and Entrepreneur, Tillage, USA

Asmaa Guedira

Program Manager, Womanity, Switzerland

Wafaa Arbash

CEO, WorkAround, United States

Christine Hobbi

CEO, ServiceAlliances International, United States

Omar Al Khabbaz

Operations Manager, International Advisory Group, United Arab Emirates

Ala’a Suleiman

CEO, Masmoo3, Jordan

Dr. Fayeq Oweis

Director, Aqlama Language Services, United States

Bernd Korz

Co-Founder and CEO, Alugha, Germany

Clarelisa Camilleri

Program Director of IGNITE Investment Readiness, RainMaking, United Kingdom

Outstanding Talent Provided by MENA Alliances

Working with MENA Alliances was an absolute pleasure. I've rarely seen such professional external suppliers. Not only do they deliver high-quality developers, but their level of communication was also incredibly valuable. We greatly appreciated the flexibility they've shown, which suited our business very well. Thank you for your commitment, team. I would love to work with MENA Alliances again and definitely recommend you to other companies within Europe.

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A Great Bench Of Resources With Various Skill Sets “Ready To Go”

We needed to ramp up quickly and were having a challenging time finding quality candidates as we had no in-house recruiters at the time. The business relationship between Palm NFT Studio and MENA Alliances was seamless, from the initial intro through the interview process. MENA handled everything every step of the way. MENA Alliances has a great bench of resources with various skill sets ready to go. Bassam is a great addition to the Palm NFT Studio Community team. He puts a lot of thought into his work and always goes above and beyond.

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911 For Hiring Emergency, Matching Abilities With Flexible Hiring Models

“Our partnership with MENA Alliances has been a game-changer for our development team and our company’s deliverables. MENA’s matching abilities and the caliber of developers they work with are unmatched in my experience!
We have reached out several times with very specific talent requirements and were matched with relevant interviewees within a day or two. We are constantly impressed by the developers we meet and have yet to have an irrelevant interview!
MENA’s flexibility has allowed us to recruit both temporary enforcement for immediate short tasks and to grow our team on a more permanent basis with senior and experienced developers working remotely alongside our in-house developers.
Abeer and her team’s ability to listen to our needs and work with us in growing the team as needed have made them true and valued partners!”

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Fulfilling Difficult Projects Requirements In Time

MENA Alliances has been a reliable business partner in the realization of several clickworker projects over the years. Their professionalism and dedication when it comes to fulfilling difficult project requirements in time is what we appreciate the most. We developed a great partnership together and are looking forward to it growing even more in the future.

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Exceptional Customization and Customer Service with MENA Alliances

For my line of work, I needed something customized, which I couldn't find on platforms like Squarespace or other web hosts. Your website represents your business, and I know little about building a website beyond how I want it to look and function. The people at MENA understood that and ensured I got exactly what I wanted. They made every effort to deliver precisely what I needed. What surprised me most about the experience was the exceptional customer service. The relationship between Tillage and MENA was fantastic! Everyone was incredibly nice and patient.

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Guaranteed High Quality And Reactive Team

“MENA Alliances has provided quality work to help design and implement our website, and they are very reactive when needed. We are happy and proud to work with a company created by a Palestinian woman, it is also part of the philosophy of our program.”

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Effective and Supportive Team

”Working with MENA Alliances has been super effective to our company. The team is very helpful and supportive and they go the extra mile to support your mission!”

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Resourcefulness And Resilience

“MENA Alliances is a tremendous asset for ServiceAlliances. We worked with MENA Alliances on several projects between the US, Qatar, and Palestine. The team was fully engaged and passionate about each and every project we have done. I am very happy with the end results and our partnership.”

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One Stop Shop

“We hired MENA Alliances for website development, brand development, design, and translation. They delivered great jobs and deadlines were well met. They are a team of hands-on, gifted talents and professionals whose ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.”

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Save Time And Efforts

“We no longer need to divide jobs to be carried out by so many people. We just deliver the work to MENA Alliances and they do it professionally. We like the flexibility and full cooperation; working hard to meet our demands, and prioritizing and delivering work on time.”

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Work Dedication And Excellent Services

“I worked with MENA Alliances team to have a website developed for my initiative, Lamsat Ummi (My Mother’s Touch), and I am very pleased with their professional work, dedication, and excellent services. I am very happy with how the website turned out, and the team was very helpful from day one and throughout the whole development process. Thank you very much and I hope we will use your services for future projects.”

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Risk-free bringing of TOP talented professionals within days enabled us to reduce cost and time to market by more than 50%

“We have dealt with MENA Alliances for about more than 3 years, and we can ensure that the flexibility, speed and quality they offer can’t be found in any other company! We started our journey with them using a project-based approach by hiring a team, and then after we got amazing results, we transferred to the staff augmentation model.
Thanks to the exceptional quality MENA Alliances offers, we’ve been able to localize our busi- ness to the MENA region through hiring a team from the region using MENA Alliances services in Translation, Digital Marketing, and Voice-Over fields. We have witnessed their eagerness to transform people’s lives, especially women. Not only this, but also they are always available to help and open to any request we need; once we place the request, we receive a prompt re- sponse within 3 days or less.
Another great advantage is that, in addition to the diverse positions they can support, they are always open to introducing us to any third party who may help in our business through their network in the MENA region. This sense of purpose has a great impact on the relationship be-tween MENA Alliances and Alugha to be a long-term and reliable partnership.”

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Regional Experience With International Standards

We were looking for experts in the field of hiring and team development to provide 1:1 coach- ing support to the startups we select via the IGNITE IR program. The relationship between Rainmaking-Ignite and MENA Alliances is very professional and valuable. The support Abeer provided our startups was very impactful. She provided each one tailored help based on their needs and she was very meticulous and detailed in providing me weekly updates on her sessions and the founder’s progress. The main benefits that the startups get from using MENA Alliances services include tailored support for tech startups onboard our acceleration program to help them create compelling hiring strategies and increase their founder leader- ship and what made MENA Alliances’ services stand out from other options available on the market is the fact that Abeer has the regional experience and expertise but delivers services to international quality standards, and what we like most about MENA Alliance’s service is that it was precise, organized, and consistent. Our first cohort of startups was very satisfied with the guidance Abeer provided them, as a result, so are we. I highly recommend MENA Alliances service as Abeer is friendly and respectful while she delivers excellent services.

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