Teaching your machines to
see the world like humans

We help your tech better understand the visual and audio
world with accurate, informative annotation and labeling, and
we keep your data secure every step of the way.

We do this through three main skill

What Makes Us Different


Comprehensive quality assurance and training on task requirements, cultural context, and big picture impact.


Multiple secure service offerings including contractor vetting, staff security training, non-disclosure agreements, data protection, and data access control.


Built-in monitoring, performance checks, and focus techniques for each team members.

Impact Hiring

Each project facilitates growth and economic opportunity for diligent, highly educated women and young professionals in a region where quality employment is paramount.

Growth Opportunities

Enrichment programs and leadership opportunities for our teams which fuel higher engagement and quality outcomes for your project.


Hundreds of skilled data labelers and annotators located across the MENA region ready to work with high volumes of data to help you scale with ease

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