Are you looking to expand into MENA markets? The time is NOW!

May 02, 2016

MENA is a fast growing market of millennial, high-tech and discriminating buyers. To achieve marketing goals of selling products, delivering services or providing information in this emerging market, organizations should ensure that their content is relevant, understandable and desirable to the buyer. In order to have the most effective marketing, technical communication or even company-wide communications the materials must be localized. Localization opens roads to developing new markets through increasing revenues, and bringing the much sought after economies of scale.

Localization is more than the translation of words or text. Localization services ensure that products or services have the look and feel as if they originated in the target market. International companies and enterprises localize products or services in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products or services….and to reach a much larger target audience.

MENA Alliances specializes in the localization into the MENA Region (from English to Arabic) through the following services

 1. Software & App Localization
 2. Multimedia Localization including

  • Voice-overs
  • Script creation or transcription of the original master
  • Script translation
  • Subtitle translation and production
  • Video production
  • Audio and video postproduction
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization
  • Cultural assessment of multimedia content
  • Multimedia quality assurance

3. Website Localization
4. Social Media Content Creation & Management
5. Marketing Documentation Localization–User guides, manuals and tutorials
6. E-Learning Localization
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