2016 Recap and Going Forward in 2017

January 30, 2017

Happy New Year!  As 2017 begins to dawn, and we close out 2016, it seems like a great time to reflect on the happenings and accomplishments of MENA Alliances; the journey we have taken to get to where we are; and the plans we have for an exciting and  bright future.  


I would like to start by telling you how much I appreciate each staff member, contractor, client, partner and friend that supports MENA Alliances. I recognize we would not be where we are without the contributions made by each and every one of you.  Thank you.


It is with great pride that I can say we have made progress over the last twelve months. That said, there is always room for improvement, and we will be working hard to build on last year’s achievements. The team and our contractors pool at MENA Alliances is extremely passionate about our clients and how our services can help and support your project and business. By enabling others to succeed, we ourselves succeed.


2016 Highlights

  1. 62 jobs completed in the following fields this year:
  2. Projects with clients around the world, including: United States, Switzerland, India, the Gulf Region, Jordan and Palestine
  3. Over 70 contractors from the West Bank, Gaza  and Egypt engaged to implement these projects/jobs
  4. Over 45% of our contractors were women
  5. No cost contractor webinars produced specifically with the objectives of enabling MENA Alliances Group contractors to become more profitable, productive and successful with their work


Upcoming in 2017


  1. Series of solution-oriented webinars for our customers beginning in 1st quarter 20172017
  2. Experts from around the world will continue to deliver online webinars and training for our freelancers/contractors to bridge the skills gap between the West and Middle East markets and workforces. Webinar topics will include the latest trends in the global market for freelancer/contractors’ specific fields, and insights/tips on negotiation skills, pricing, ways of winning work and how to advance performance
  3. Success stories of our freelancers/contractors from different countries will be shared, providing an insights into the key factors that contributed to their success
  4. Widening our contractor pool to include Jordanian and Syrian refugee contractors
  5. Strategic alliances with Universities, NGOs, Businesses and Donors will continue to be built and enhanced


I, along with the entire MENA Alliances team, want to thank you for the huge support you have shown to us as a valued clients, contractors and friends. Through your trust and confidence in us, we are able to harness innovative technology and business solutions and bring them to your business while simultaneously empowering  the talent of women and youth in MENA.


If there is anything that we can do to improve our services to you, I will listen.  please do not hesitate to contact me.



Abeer Abu Ghaith

Founder & CEO

MENA Alliances

[email protected]