Coding Training Program: Preparation for The Third Phase

March 31, 2021

We concluded the second phase of our Coding Training Program with 22 successful students who were ready to bravely uncover the new adventures of the next phase “Full-Stack Web Development”.

  • Overview:

In this preparatory stage, we hold technical and personal development sessions to keep our students connected with each other and with the learning process till we start the Full-Stack Development stage. Moreover, the third phase is planned to be intensive and packed with various new materials and tasks, so with these weekly meetings, our trainers equip the students with the adequate skills to relieve any possible stress they might have.

This month, our students have made progress on several levels illustrated in the following points:

  • Technical Skill

The students have been trained on an introduction to JavaScript in a practical type of session. They are given some problems to solve and discuss together during the meeting and homework to do alone. In this way, we make sure the students are more engaged in programming and learn new techniques to code.

  • Soft Skills

At the hands of an experienced personal development coach, our students learn new skills, such as building a professional CV. They also learn how to control stress and turn it into a motive to work harder. Besides this, the trainer keeps giving them regular pieces of advice and encourages them to keep up the good work. 

In addition to this, the students have participated in a Career Fair attended by startups from the USA and experienced job interviews with international companies. Through such events, we aim to put our students in different learning opportunities that can help them grow vocationally and improve their soft skills that are crucial for their career lives.

  • English Skills

To prepare our students to enter the international labor market in the future, we are keen to enhance their English language skills. Using different teaching methods like quizzes, games, presentations, and reading articles. These sessions enrich the students’ vocabulary and motivate them to practice English more.

Join Us:

We need experienced developers and personal development coaches to mentor our students in this life-changing journey. To join our community and support the program – wherever you are based – contact us:

Abeer Abu Gaith ( The founder and the CEO ):

[email protected] 

Noor Abu Gaith ( Project Coordinator ):

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About Us:

MENA Alliances is a nearshoring company – for-profit with a social mission- that aims to provide a high-quality remote workforce on-demand. It desires to solve the problem of a local talent shortage for automation while creating economic opportunities for women and young people in the MENA region. Our teams can scale in a short time and handle small to large projects.
We are on a mission to alleviate poverty and injustice in the MENA region by creating jobs for women and young people in this region. So far, we have trained more than 3000 women and young people and created 700+ job opportunities for disadvantaged people by connecting them with jobs from Europe, the USA (such as Silicon Valley), and the Gulf region. 
Code Your Future (CYF) is a non-profit institution in the United Kingdom that trains refugees and other disadvantaged groups to become web developers to help them find jobs in the field of technology.