Nidaa Awawdeh: A Big Dream & Tireless Perseverance

April 04, 2021

“I want to found a startup that can help people with disabilities to learn and work in programming in the future.”
– Nidaa 
Our training program did not finish yet, and the stories of our students are still being created. However, an inspiring story like Nidaa Awawdeh can not go unnoticed until the end of the program. From the first day, she showed a great passion and commitment to learning programming, so we were curious about her motive and interviewed her.
Awawdeh is a Computer Engineering graduate from Hebron. Her higher education did not fully fulfill her learning needs. Therefore, right after her graduation, she focused on improving her hard and soft skills, so she took more than 20 courses in many fields; especially Business and Personal Development (PD).
“Studying more than one profession while working might slow down my progress, but at the end of the day, I will get more opportunities in the job market as an all-rounded candidate.”
This was her comment when we asked her about organizing her occupied time as she is currently pursuing a Diploma degree in Business Management and Web Development (throughout our training program) and works as a freelance content writer.
Why programming? 

“Programming is the future language of the world.

Honestly speaking, I was born with a physical disability, and I have always dreamed to become a doctor and help people with similar disabilities. However, as I’ve grown up, I realized that technology and programming are becoming the major keys to solving the world’s daily problems; especially the problems of people with special needs. Driven by my lifetime goal, I approached programming with a lot of passion, and day by day, I found myself getting more attached to it and persistent to surpass its difficulty & tackle its challenges.”

Regarding her participation in our Coding Training Program, Nidaa told us that she has known about MENA Alliances when she met Abeer Abu Ghaith – MENA Alliances’ Founder & CEO – in one of the consultation sessions in which Abeer joined to consult young entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own business. 
“At that time, I have been planning to found my own tech startup, but I needed a lot of help and did not know how to start. Speaking with Abeer inspired me to work harder for a more solid start of my business, and this is why I enrolled in this training program.” 
Speaking about her goal of joining our coding program made us curious about the type of startups she wants to start and her future plans.
“I am planning to establish a tech startup that can teach, train and help 1 million disabled people on programming in a ten-year period; this is my big dream. I do not spare any day of my life without achieving something – big or small- to pull me closer to my dream.”
When we asked her for a bit of advice to people who want to learn to program but feel unmotivated to start, she answered with a lot of passion:
“Simply, start loving it! Once you show yourself how much you like programming, you will keep going on regardless of any obstacles and even feel thrilled in overcoming the challenges you face on the road. I believe that patience can also help you a lot in your journey, so don’t rush to get the great results; they are coming as long as you work hard.”
Nidaa’s noble dream and perseverance set a new example proving to us that disability is not the inability to move, but rather the absence of passion and hard work!
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