Dream Big, Go Global!

September 22, 2023


I’m Sabry, a driven young backend developer who has always nurtured ambitious dreams throughout my professional journey. My career trajectory took flight when I made the bold decision to explore global opportunities, not merely for professional advancement but also to cultivate enriching experiences and embrace the constant stream of thrilling challenges that the tech world offers.

Setting out on this adventure was a challenge from the very beginning, but I harnessed the power of social media and the LinkedIn platform to search for the perfect opportunity. During this continuous pursuit, I came across MENA Alliances. Opting for them wasn’t a random decision; it was a choice based on their outstanding reputation, steadfast dedication to excellence, and transparent presence in local, regional, and global markets. Right from our first interaction, I felt an extraordinary level of support and dedication from the MENA Alliances team.

From my very first conversation to the moment I secured my remote position with a U.S.-based company, I received meticulous career guidance and essential support to navigate the interview process with the international clients. The evaluation process was thorough, beginning with an introductory interview conducted by the MENA team. They assessed not only my attitude, personality, and English language proficiency but also rigorously tested my technical skills. Subsequently, I went through a series of interviews with the client, where they thoroughly explored the depths of my technical skills, evaluated my cultural fit, clarified the scope of work, discussed job responsibilities, and addressed any pertinent concerns.

Now, after a short period of being part of a U.S.based company’s team, I can confidently affirm that this opportunity has been a transformative force in both my professional and personal life. I eagerly embrace fresh challenges and am constantly expanding my knowledge.

In just three months since signing my contract with the U.S.based company, my financial situation has witnessed remarkable improvement, thanks to the competitive salary I received.

To all professionals aspiring to advance their careers to new heights, I wholeheartedly recommend actively seeking out opportunities and making the most of each chance that comes your way, especially through esteemed recruitment agencies like MENA Alliances.




Opportunities are everywhere, and success is achievable. Don’t hold onto your dreams. Check out our career page, apply to MENA Alliances today, and go after your dreams with all your heart!