Client Story: Masmoo3

January 30, 2017

Ala’a Suliman, CTO at Masmoo3 in Jordan, explains:



“We no longer need to divide jobs to be carried out by so many people. We just deliver the work to MENA Alliances and they do it professionally. We like the flexibility and full cooperation, working hard to meet our demands, prioritizing and delivering work on time.”  




The Client


Masmoo3 is the first specialized digital audio book production and publishing house in the Arab world. They aim to offer Arabic speakers easy access to a digital audio library for arabic books.

The Challenge

  1. Hiring qualified team members to accomplish large amount of work in a timely manner
  2. Reduce their operational expenses and save more money
  3. Prioritizing the large amount of work to be done


The Solution

  1. MENA Alliances vetted, tested and hired a  team of  12 contractors in the West Bank and Gaza to
    assist with completing Masmoo3 translation and
    localization work based on their projects.
  2. MENA Alliances oversaw and provided quality control for the work compl
    eted by the team of contractors
  3. MENA Alliances managed Masmoo3’s projects and the team of contractors at the formation“Tashkeel” part in Masmoo3 work process.



  1. Masmoo3 reduced their operational expenses through outsourcing their secondary business functions to MENA Alliances
  2. Masmoo3 is able to accomplish a larger number of projects and increased workload
  3. Masmoo3 and  MENA Alliances continue their cooperation working on a variety of projects.


Improve your reading and listening comprehension in Arabic through Masmoo3 audio books”